Magazines, commissioning and more
Do you have a website or publication that publishes content from numerous sources? If so, I could be the content editor you’re looking for.

Here’s what’s involved in being an editor:

Comissioning writers

All websites or publication with regularly updated-content have contributors. A good editor knows how best to brief contributors, sending them commissions that outline what they need doing, and when it needs to be completed. Moreover, commissions should explain the tone and brand message of the site or publication. I’ve been commissioning writers during my career on magazines for over 20 years.

Editing copy

When the work comes in from a writer, it needs editing. Not just to fix any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors but also to make sure it’s in what’s known as the ‘house style’. For example, that all numbers up to ten are written in full. This is a crucial part of your content having consistency. I’m used to contacting writers with queries, and ensuring that text meets the tone of the brand.


Most large sites will have an intermediate layout or subediting stage. It then comes back to the editor as final copy to be proofread, and final corrections made. I proofread every page of monthly magazines for over 12 years, and as a freelancer I’ve worked as a copy editor.

Style and tone

Your brand has an identity that you’ve chosen, and so any content must reflect that. I’m used to ensuring that words meet your objectives.


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